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As a provider of JML Concept, the exclusive catering official supplier of the Belgian royal family, we faced the challenge of coordinating the kitchen work operationally in a two-year project. Our goal was to ensure seamless coordination between the sales team and the operational team, ensuring that the specific needs of each event translated into tangible actions for the kitchen and service teams.

• Coordination between sales and operations teams to increase efficiency
• Operational kitchen audit
• Cost and recipe analysis
• Gastronomic offer

We achieve efficient operational coordination, translating the material and gastronomic needs of each event into clear instructions for the kitchen and service teams, ensuring that each event was executed flawlessly.
Additionally, we work on creating the gastronomic proposal for certain events, ensuring that the offer aligns with the prestige and exclusivity that JML Concept represents.
Furthermore, an internal operational audit is conducted to identify opportunities for improvement and increase efficiency in service delivery.

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