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Cinéma Palace faced a significant challenge in transforming into a modern and attractive cinematic space.

Being a former art deco cinema in the heart of Brussels, the space had architectural significance throughout Belgium and had been the subject of specialized competitions.

MCL took on the task of developing a "Brasserie" restaurant, an event space, and a retail shop with healthy snacks for consumption during film screenings.

The 360º project included architectural design, construction, opening, creation of the gastronomic offer, equipment, operations, and staff training.


● Comprehensive turnkey consulting and support for the restaurant's opening.

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The final result of our work is a success in all aspects, positioning Cinéma Palace as a prominent destination in Brussels, where a passion for cinema merges with an unforgettable gastronomic and social experience.

The event space has become a vibrant meeting point for the community, attracting a diverse range of social and cultural events. The careful fusion of the classic and the modern creates a unique atmosphere that continues to captivate visitors to this day.

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