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Terranam Wellness, a luxury yoga retreat located on the coast of Galicia, entrusted us with designing an exceptional and authentic gastronomic experience for its clients. MCL took on the task of creating a 100% local and seasonal gastronomic offer, designed for a lavish morning brunch and gourmet dinners in the evening.

The goal was to showcase the rich culinary culture of the region and provide guests with a complete wellness experience. In addition, work operations were defined, and the team was trained to ensure flawless execution.


● Market research, trends, and positioning analysis
● Technical audit and kitchen architecture
● Operational kitchen audit
● Cost and recipe analysis
● HACCP process audit
● Training for operational teams
● Gastronomic offer with local products

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The gastronomic offer created by our culinary team highlights the richness of Galician cuisine, combining creative techniques with authentic flavors from the region.

MCL also defines work operations, ensuring efficient execution of gastronomic services. The operational team is trained to provide impeccable and warm service, in line with Terranam's wellness philosophy.

The result is a resounding success, positioning Terranam Wellness as an exceptional luxury retreat in Galicia, where guests enjoy a complete wellness experience complemented by a local, fresh, and exquisite gastronomic offer.

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