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Restaurant Bonic, designed by the interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán and led by the talented Michelin-starred chef Anna Ryazanskaya, faced the challenge of captivating Barcelona's demanding audience. 

The goal was to create a gastronomic offer that would stand out in a competitive market, providing a unique culinary experience based on grilled dishes and creative mixology. Additionally, assistance was needed in developing the branding and communication of the venue to achieve a distinctive identity and attract the right diners.


● Grilled dishes and tapas gastronomic offer
● Mixology offer
● Branding and communication

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We develop an exceptional culinary offer by creating innovative grilled dishes that highlight the best flavors and techniques, along with a mixology selection that captivateS customers with its surprising blends.

The result is a unique gastronomic experience that has conquered the palates of the Barcelona audience and attracted new visitors seeking high-quality food and captivating environments.

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