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With Ugo Chan, a prestigious 1-Michelin-starred restaurant and 1 Sol-Repsol-rated restaurant, recognized as the best restaurant in Madrid in 2023 by the ACYRE guide, we faced the challenge of raising the level of its dessert menu to match the rest of the gastronomic offer. In this context, MCL conceptualized the dessert menu, aiming to give it a personality and purpose beyond being simply the end of the diner's meal. The focus was on seeking local products and suppliers, and improving the customer experience at this key stage of the service.


● Market study of specific area needs

Creation of gastronomic dessert menu

 Support on the operational implementation

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We maintain the Spain-Japan fusion as our hallmark and seek the vision of a sea, so closely linked to these two countries, as the guiding thread of our work. Among other creations, we have developed a chocolate and seaweed dessert and one centered around the flavors of yuzu, without using the citrus itself.

Thanks to the collaboration with MCL, Ugo Chan significantly elevates the level of its dessert menu, aligning its identity with that of its iconic dishes.

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